Wolftank Adisa GmbH will participate in PetroForumfocus APAC 2021

PetroForum Wolftank
PetroForum Focus APAC 2021 will be held online next 25th February.

Next 25th February Wolftank Adisa will attend PetroForumfocus APAC 2021! The event, which will be held virtually, will meet the main market agents, and will help the sector to be in direct contact despite the pandemic.

Markus Lechthaler, Managing Director, will be representing the company in the 1:1 meetings.

What products and services will you find in PetroForumfocus APAC?

In Wolftank Adisa we have a wide portfolio full of eco-friendly products and services which are commercialized worldwide. All of them entail a real benefit for customers but we can highlight the following solutions:

  • Tank cleaning, including our no-man entry options, which assure the maximum security and safety in every part of the cleaning process.
  • Structural lining systems, like our patented system DOPA®, which is successfully applied all around the world and represents the higher quality and durability within the double wall systems available in the market.
  • Sump sealing technologies, which allow us to easily restore sumps just in a few days!
  • Spill monitoring and detection system, capable of detecting leakages in real time and warning before the problem becomes more serious.
  • Absorbents business line, including different options tailored to every issue as well as they can be used as preventive too.
  • Remediation services, including soil as well as water remediation.

Join us in the event and find out more about our solutions, most of them in-housed developed thanks to our commitment to innovation.

Markus Lechthaler, Managing Director, will attend PetroForumfocus APAC 2021.

What happen if you cannot attend the event or cannot have a meeting with us?

In case you cannot join us at PetroForumfocus APAC, do not hesitate to contact us directly on adisa@wolftank.com. Just ask for an appointment and we will put in contact with you as soon as possible. We have a solution for every necessity!

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