The right way to a sustainable gas station

Gas Station Brochure Cover
Wolftank Adisa Gas Station Brochure Cover

Now available, the new product catalogue for sustainable gas stations including several optimized degassing, cleaning and lining technologies for tanks, sumps and pipes.

CO2 consumption of every investment is more and more in the focus of investors’ attention. Especially construction works have a significant CO2 impact. Tank lining compared to tank substitution has a significantly lower energy requirement. With innovative approaches we are even able to provide almost CO2 neutral tank lining.

All the including sustainable gas station technologies require a minimum of equipment and are used by major oil & gas companies all over the world. You will find recent market innovations regarding sustainable tank refurbishment but also maintenance and double wall technologies. Maximizing the work efficiency of technicians and reducing down times for clients by using only the best and most reliable products available on the gas station market.

Major topics we are covering in this catalogue:

Single and double wall tank lining in 3 days
DOPA® systems help you achieve bringing sensible financial and risk savings while keeping your operations smooth and safe.

No loss of sales by ensuring business continuity
The durability of Wolftank Adisa systems grants to our customers important savings and the best possible total cost of ownership. A wide range of system solutions have to be developed and certified according to national and international standards.

Safe degassing & cleaning without manhole opening
Traditional cleaning via Man-Entry is among the procedures with highest HSE exposure. As an improvement to this procedure, Wolftank Adisa developed degassing & cleaning technologies even able to avoid opening the manhole.

No sand blasting or special equipment required 
Wolftank Adisa’s surface preparation is among the safest, fastest
and cost-effective solutions to treat a corroded surface. No special equipment is necessary and even waste or residuals are completely avoided.

Download the catalogue or browse our Download Page.

Dopa Lite Product Page
Dopa Lite Product Page