Letter from the Wolftank Adisa Management about challenges and opportunities for tanks in the retail net

The Covid-19 crisis has torn both our society and our companies out of the established day-to-day business and it is leaving traces, the effects of which can be felt far beyond the current year 2020 and beyond the national borders of the individual states.

In an essential step, this also affects mobility and the energy sector, which reacted in a first pace with the drop in the oil price. We have taken this as an opportunity to share a few, from our point of view, essential thoughts with you:


Short-term solutions

Pollution and maintenance work do not stop at the Coronavirus. In some cases, it is necessary to react immediately, so tank and sump sealing, and lining are the most flexible solutions for giving the system an additional lifespan of up to 20 years. And this, without a significant impact on the operation of the station, avoiding an additional loss of sales during the tank repair.

Currently we observe increasing opportunities for tank lining in various countries. To mention some examples: Bühl (Germany), where several tanks were lined in the beginning of May with DOPA® Lite, or in Córdoba (Spain) with DUPLO.

In this situation we can offer a tank interior renovation or coating with a working time of only 3 days, which gives the tank a second phase of life of 10-25 years using nonflammable and solvent free materials mitigating related HSE risk in application.

DUPLO system applied in Córdoba (Spain)

This applies to both:

– tank repair with a layer of structural tank lining,

– tank hole repair,

– double-walled inner linings weblink to the brochure, and

– sump sealing and sump lining.

Construction sites and risk of infection

According to virologists, there will be no complete containment of the virus for many months, maybe even a year, so that in the event of an infection, quarantine will always be necessary for all potentially infected people. This means that complex construction sites have a significant risk of being blocked as soon as a Coronavirus case occurs in the family of a single worker. The only solution we see in this case is that construction sites are made as small as possible and with only one company if possible.

Execute our teams of 2-3 people without interfaces with other companies. In addition, our employees have been used to working with filter masks and protective suits for years, so that in this case no difference to previous work processes is necessary.


Investment decisions

As the IMF predicted, global economic output will decrease by at least approximately 8% this year. A slow recovery is then predicted. Translated to the world of petrol stations, we expect this to lead to stagnation in fuel consumption. In parallel with the increase in electric mobility, this can mean that fuel consumption will level off in the medium term so that capacity expansions tend to become less interesting. Investments that seemed reasonable up to 2 months ago can be re-examined.

We can offer you alternative suggestions in areas:

– structural interior coating and double-walled interior lining instead of tank replacement or new construction of the system with a comparable service life,

– conversion of gasoline- diesel tanks into AdBlue tanks or other media,

– concrete and manhole seals renovation of cathedral manholes instead of renewal.

We have currently running projects for biofuel adaption despite Covid-19 phase in Austria.

Without any doubt, at Wolftank Adisa we will continue to work offering the highest quality so that our customers have storage in perfect conditions, not only in times of pandemic, but always and under any circumstance.


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