Ring wall rehabilitation in Italy

The Scope of the Project

Ring walls are crucial areas of an aboveground storage tank, exposed to weathering such as high UV radiation. This area carries the weight of the tank itself including the product inside too. Beside the above-mentioned heavy load, this ring is exposed to intense movements caused by weather conditions and up- and unloading of the product. The proper protection and rehabilitation of the ring wall is therefore important to warranty the integrity of the tank.

Untreated Ring Wall
Ringwall Before Wolftank Adisa Intervention

Untreated Ring Wall
Ringwall Before Wolftank Adisa Intervention

The Challenge

The customer was a private refinery on the North East coast of Italy which has been operating since late 50’s in the heavy oil crude refining sector. Always committed to the implementation of a policy attentive to the strengthening and improvement of the plant, the company has consolidated its presence on the national market and has significantly increased exports to various foreign markets. Therefore, the challenge of the customer is to maintain the integrity of rather dated assets in an environment with high level of corrosion due to the proximity of the sea.

The Solution

Because the ring wall of the tank showed both heavy signs of wear in the concrete substrate and of corrosion in the metal one, we applied a solution that would repair both in a homogeneous and weather-resistant way. On a sand blasted treated surface we therefore applied a series of different layers as shown in the picture.

Advantages of our ring wall coating solution:

  • Excellent anti-corrosion barrier which helps to extend the life of the tank
  • Two-component primer with high adhesive power on different surfaces
  • VOC-free protective coating with high elasticity
  • Final layer with high electrical conductivity

The Outcome

Refurbished Ring Wall by Wolftank Adisa
Restored Ringwall

The rehabilitation of this ring wall was judged by the customer beyond expectations both from the point of view of the result and of the operations that were conducted quickly and flawlessly. As a result, more interventions on ring walls have been planned to protect other tanks, in Italy but also in other countries.