Cleaning Surface PreparationCleaning Surface Preparation

Cleaning and Surface Preparation

A perfect coating and lining system pass through an accurate preparation of the surface, regardless the material of the tank. Wolftank Adisa is pioneer in new technologies to best prepare surfaces.

Cleaning a tank can either prepare the surface for a great intervention or even create damages to tanks if not well performed (like by using higher water pressures then possible to handle on specific surfaces). We deliver an ideal surface cleaning with different technologies:

  • No-MAN Entry solutions with robotized solutions for perfect security and finishing of the work;
  • Special cleaning liquid technology built on a series of surfactants that are powerful detergents while maintaining biodegradability. These eco-friendly surfactants are very effective at removing a variety of waste and dispersing it into water foams;
  • Anti-rust solutions
  • Other solutions that our engineers recommend on specific cases based on the material of the tank.


A cleaned surface needs to be prepared to deliver the correct coarseness requested by the specific intervention to be done; adhesivity of the resins is core in any coating and lining technology, the preparation of the surface need to be engineered case by case. At Wolftank Adisa we use various techniques to grant our customers maximum adhesivity with our solutions, like grit blasted surface.

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