TCR® Rust Preventer

TCR® Rust preventer is a temporary tank preparation agent designed for use in severe environment. It is a pre-coating liquid used on sandblasted steel surface. The surface can be sandblasted or similar (water jet-blasted, shot-blasted, grid blasted, etc).

If an application of the coating sytem is not possible right after the steel subsurface treatment (blasting), the freshly maintained steel surface must be kept safe from rust until the coating system is technically applicatefeasable.
TCR® Rust preventer provides 14 days permanent protection for steel surfaces and prevents any formation of corrosion for the above mention time period.
It can be applied easily by hand tools like brush, roller or spray. 1 liter of the product is sufficient to treat approx. 20 square metres and has a reaction time of only 3 hours.
It is compatible with Epoflex coating systems as well as mostly used paint types and coating systems, alkyd systems, modified alkyds, chlorinated rubber, epoxies, polyurethanes, vinyls and the new water-based paint systems.
The cured surface is recoatable without doing any additional preparation or removal of the product.


  • Ready to use product, no preparation is necessary before utilization
  • Cost effective surface treatment solution due to material transport, handling and equipment usage
  • Fast applicable (50 sqm hourly)
  • Safe working atmosphere for applicators because it is solvent free and non dangerous material
  • TCR® Rust preventer is an exceptionally environment friendly steel preparation solution owing to the fact that it does not provides any residuals or waste

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