TCR® Atomizing Agent

A specialized liquid formulation, particularly designed to make potentially explosive atmosphere safe.

TCR® Atomizing Agent key values:

  • reduces the explosive gases in the atmosphere as soon as it is atomized and creates a non-explosive environment;
  • specially formulated to create a safe environment;
  • perfectly suitable for the degasification of a tank;
  • approved for the degasing of all types of oils and similar materials;
  • it must be vaporized into the tank, sump or the area about to degas;

In its form, the pH of TCR® Atomizing Agent is approximately 8 and is safe to use on all types of coating systems and stainless steel. It does not contain aggressive additives (caustic, acids etc.) or solvents and is safe to transport by land, sea.


  • Safe degasing process because it is solvent free and non dangerous material
  • Easy to use, no special training is required for the usage
  • Excellent penetrating properties
  • High performance product
  • Environment friendly due to its special formulation and non aggressive ingredients
  • Ready to use product, no preparation before utilization is necessary

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