TCR®6 & 7 – Tank Cleaning Without Opening The Manhole

The TCR® 6/7 system has been designed to clean underground storage tanks without Man-Entry and without opening the manhole at all. It can be used even for underground tanks without a manhole in case a 4 inch slot is available. Hence, it is particularly used to clean and degass tanks before opening the manhole.

The TCR® 6 is the device for prewashing and is connected to a high-pressure pump which provides the desired 160-230 bar pressure and min. 60 l/min flow.

For the final cleaning and the removal of the slugde the TCR®7 is used. It is connected to a high pressure supply ,same as the TCR®6, as well as to a vacuum unit to suck the sluges while washing. For the operation a cleaning truck providing pressure and suction can be used as well as a simple pumping and vacuum system.Both units are designed to spread along the entire length of the tanks in order to have a proper washing over the entire shell and a suction from the lowest point of the tank independently if the tank is inclinated or not.

The TCR® 6/7 has an ATEX certification to be operated in “zone 0” environments.
Cleaning and maintenance of TCR® 7 is very easy thanks to its simple structure and there is no any moving or rotating parts. No lubrication is required.


  • Degassing and cleaning technology trough a 4 inch slot
  • Extremely fast as no complicated opening of the manhole is necessary
  • Safe opening of the manhole after cleaning and degassing of the tank
  • Flexible to use as connectable to any cleaning truck
  • Easy tank cleaning device because of the compact size and the low weight
  • Removing every sludge and residuals from the tank shell
  • Whole process with ATEX “Zone 0” certified equipment

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