TCR® 15 – Horizontal Tank Cleaning

Junction & Blade Suction

Suction & Rubbers Support

Extendable Arm & Pistons

Spraying Nozzles & Rotating Head

Tank Cleaning Robot TCR15

The TCR® 15 has been designed to clean horizontally oriented underground storage tanks No-MAN Entry. The standard cleaning robot is designed to sustain 150-200 bar, but it can also be adapted to sustain very high pressure (500 bar).
The robot can be used to clean of vessels with up to 3m diameter and containing all types of fuels as it is certified ATEX zone 0.

A manhole diameter of 500mm is sufficient to insert the TCR® 15 robot into a tank and to operated it safely from the remote control. The TCR® 15 can be connected to a high pressure and suction system such as a tank cleaning truck or specially designed systems for suction and pumping.

In order to increase the efficiency of cleaning and degassing and to reduce the water consumption it is recommended to use it with specially designed cleaning liquids, such as the TCR® Cleaning Liquid.


  • Maximum safety during the operation because of the No-MAN Entry technology.
  • Perfect for cylindrical tanks
  • Highly efficient cleaning, degreasing and degassing of tanks with a minimum of water consumptions
  • Removal every sludge and residuals directly during the washing process
  • Whole process with ATEX Certified equipment
  • Easy to use and to combine to each tank cleaning truck
  • Remote control system which can be extended with video monitoring.

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