Concrete Sealing System

The system is a local rehabilitation of concrete surfaces in case of any local crack, hole or similar damage. This sealing system can be further used for pipe connections, holes (diameter < 20 cm) or similar unsealed areas.

Structure of the lining system:

Schematic of the concrete sealing system

Surface Preparation:

The surface shall be solid, clean, dry and free of any hydrocarbon residuals.


For each application a dew point distance of 3°C must be observed.

Paste Sealing:

The paste sealing is a 2-component epoxy-based resin and a special additive which adjusts the viscosity of the paste. The viscosity must be adjusted up to the application, size and shape of the sealed area. The sealing paste is anti-static so it can be used in areas where electric conductivity is required. For application use trowel, spatula or similar.

Installation note:

The above information is based on tests by approved institutes (e.g. TÜV Süd Germany) and many years of experience. As the lining performance depends on correct installation, we offer application courses for certified installers and installation supervisors and provide certificates which shall be renewed every 3 years.

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