The Euromant® concrete lining system is an external tank lining system to rehabilitate the ring wall directly on site without an interruption of site service ensuring business continuity. It is of particular interest to seal the ring wall of storage tanks.

The ring wall on the outside of the tank is sealed between the concrete base and the steel shell of the tank in the way that corrosion of the steel, degradation of the concrete and water propagation below the tank can be avoided.

The Euromant® coating system has specially be developed to seal this area which is exposed to the high mechanical load and to harsh environmental conditions. The system consists of adhesion primers, sealing material and a UV protective final layer.

Outside Lining System Euromant

Structure of the lining system:


euromant concrete outside linine system
Schematic of the lining system on concrete underground surface

euromant steel outside lining system
Schematic of the lining system on steel underground surface

Schematic of the Euromant lining system
Schematic of the Euromant lining system

Preliminary Works:

  • Surface treatment, cleaning, degassing, remove all oil residuals
  • High pressure water jet or sand blasting (SA 2,5)
  • Repairing the surface and leveling of weldings with epoxy mortar

Coating Application Technology:

  • Ground layer application with roller:
  • For concrete subsurface (can be sanded for better adhesion): Adaflex Primer®
  • For steel subsurface: Adagrund®
  • Application of Euromant® layer on concrete and steel surfaces
  • Application of the conductive/antistatic layer Adaflex® by rolling on concrete and steel surfaces

Installation note:

The above information is based on tests by approved institutes (e.g. TÜV Süd Germany) and many years of experience. As the lining performance depends on correct installation, we offer application courses for certified installers and installation supervisors and provide certificates which shall be renewed every 3 years.

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