Oil-Only Spill Absorbent Pillows supplied to Norilsk Nickel

Wolftank Adisa Oil-Only Spill Absorbents successfully supplied to Norilsk Nickel for spill response to contain pollution created by a leaking storage tank. Eight pallets of Oil-Only Spill Absorbent Pillows, being able to absorb more than 30.000 ltrs., have been shipped directly to the Nadezhda plant close to the Arctic sea.

The industrial absorbent pillows are used for the emergency spill response in order to capture the oil via oil-water separation. In this specific case, Wolftank Adisa’s absorbent pillows, help to prevent the pollution of the Arctic sea by selectively capturing the oil films.

What are Wolftank Adisa Oil-Only Spill Absorbents?

Oil-Only Spill Absorbents are ideal to absorb spilling oil from any leaking industrial facility. They are flexible, lightweight and consist of an innovative nano reinforced filling material. Over 99% of spilling liquids can be absorbed and effectively prevent pollution of the surrounding soil or water. The absorbent nano-filler is 100% natural and easy to handle in global logistics. No specialized training, certification or any other local documentation is necessary to use the oil absorbent pillows.

Their compact size and lightweight allows storing or carrying them around everywhere. Use the pillows as emergency response for leaking pipes, tanks or in general for any leaking facilities by merely placing them underneath the leakage to catch the spilling oil. Take preventive measurements during transport, refilling or relocating oil storage. In case there is a water pollution with oil films, absorbent pillows can act as direct oil separator. Oil spill response was never so easy as with the Wolftank Adisa oil absorbent pillows.

Versatile how the Wolftank Adisa absorbent pillows are, a wide range of industries already appreciate their use: the mining industry, the automotive industry, refinery, agriculture as well as the oil and gas sector. Furthermore, they have a huge potential specifically for offshore islands or the upstream industry where spill response is a very huge topic and necessity.

Find out more about the mentioned products here: Spill Absorbent Pillows

About Norilsk Nickel:

Norilsk Nickel is amongst the global leading metals and mining company for materials such as palladium and refined nickel, platinum, copper and based in Russia.

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