Innovation: Industrial Hole Sealing Kit

Wolftank Adisa is happy to announce its latest development: An Industrial Hole Sealing Kit for tanks, vessels, and pipes.

The Hole Sealing Kit is enabling easy and quick hole sealing, allowing to seal corrosion holes in steel tanks, cracks in fibreglass (FRP) and similar small damaged storage containers: effortlessly with a short instruction delivered together with the product.

Premium Wolftank Adisa Quality

The complete kit relies on exclusive Wolftank Adisa Products, which make sure the result is of best available quality:

Wolftank Adisa’s specially formulated surface preparation solutions TCR® Cleaning Liquid and TCR® Rust Converter to make sure the surface receives only the best performing treatment by degreasing and removing heavy rust before applying the epoxy coatings.

High-performance epoxy resins, EPOFLEX® SK, and EPOFLEX® Laminierharz 6N to support the repair layers’ long-lasting integrity.

EPOFLEX® SK (see Figure 1) covers and closes the corrosion with its fast-drying and hardening properties. While EPOFLEX® Laminierharz 6N (see Figure 2) provides the top-layer protection completing the hole sealing operation.

Figure 1: Fresh applied EPOFLEX® SK
Figure 2: Fresh applied EPOFLEX® Laminierharz 6N

Additionally, the whole sealing kit contains following tools completing the circle of a complete ready-to-use corrosion hole repair:

Sandpaper (P40)SpatulaSteam RollerMixing ContainerSteel BrushFiberglassAluminum TapeAlumium Sheet

Flexible use for a broad field of industries

Designed to resist fuels, chemicals, and industrial water or wastewater allows using it in a wide range of industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, chemical refineries or storage farms. It’s simple yet effective application, non-dangerous components, and excellent mechanical properties make it an excellent choice for maintenance services. Enabling quick and effortless action in case of a leaking asset and so prevent further environmental damage quickly.

What makes the complete sealing kit special is the fact that it provides the same integrity as hot-works. This means that hot-works to restore the integrity are not necessary and all the risks coming with them are completely avoided.

Damaged Steel Surface - Before Sealing Kit Repair
Figure 3: Damaged Steel Surface – Before Sealing Kit Repair
Restored Steel Surface - After Sealing Kit Repair
Figure 4: Restored Steel Surface – After Sealing Kit Repair

The Hole Sealing Kit provides following advantages:

  • Resistant to regular fuels, biofuels, chemicals, and waste- or industrial water
  • Easy to apply: No specialized training is necessary
  • Allowing quick reaction in case a leakage occurs
  • Solvent-free, non-flammable and non-dangerous
  • Risk-free hole repair; no hot-works

Business continuity while repairing a hole

The industrial Hole Sealing Kit comes in two different types. The first type is for empty containments; the second one is for containments currently containing or transporting liquids, whereas a quick reaction is necessary to stop further environmental pollution or spilled liquids.

  • Hole Sealing Kit without spilling liquids
    This sealing technology mainly used for containments that do not contain any liquids. Empty storage tanks, water containments, pipes, or similar. A repair can take place without any countervailing forces pushing through the hole.
  • Hole Sealing Kit with spilling liquids
    It’s a great choice experiencing containments which still contain liquids. The containing liquids cause a countervailing force exiting through the hole and harden the repair work. Pipes, storage tanks, or water containment.

The Hole Sealing Kit with spilling liquids synergizes perfectly with the Wolftank Adisa Sill Absorbent Pillows. Easily achieve the most environmentally friendly hole repair work by placing the Absorbent Pillows below the leaking hole while repairing it. The Absorbents make sure no liquids reach the ground while the maintenance team can carry out the hole repair.

The following video briefly explains how to carry out the repairing process with the hole repair kit:

The detailed manual on how to-, and successfully repair leaks can be downloaded here. Get a Hole Sealing Kit now and extend your maintenance service equipment with an easy-to-use hole sealing solution. 

For more information contact us or browse the product page.  

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