Double floor tank rehabilitation in Italy

The Scope of the Project

Bulk Storage Tanks in Milan
Bulk Storage Tanks in Milan

Wolftank Systems, an Italian Tank Application Specialist got assigned a double floor tank rehabilitation project in Italy for two tank farms with over 50 bulk storage tanks. Both tank farms are located in sensitive environmental areas, in a nature reserve and on the shore.

The European Union has strict regulations for storing, transportation and operation of water pollutant liquids, such as oil and gas products. Underground and aboveground storage tanks must fulfil those regulations which are controlled and regularly inspected by authorities. A safe way to achieve this goal and stay compliant, not only with European Regulations, but also with International Regulations is installing or upgrading your tanks to a double floor technology with leak detection system.

The Challenge

Wolftank Systems customer decided to transform all 50+ bulk storage tanks from single to double floor within only 18 months. Due to this short period of time they requested a solution with a smooth-running application process in order to avoid any interruptions during the application, be fully compliant with European Regulations and achieve the best environmental protection.

Both tank farms run on a pre-installed centralized tank monitoring solution, monitored locally and centrally from the headquarter of the clients company, where our vacuum leak detection systems needed to be connected. This required also some customization of our vacuum leak detection systems.

The Solution

DOPA 6n layer composition
DOPA 6n layer composition

To completely fulfil Wolftank Systems requests and ensure highest tank integrity we suggested them to use our DOPA® 6N system. It’s a double floor tank lining system reinforced with a fiber glass laminate layer and according to the Reference Document for the Refining of Mineral Oil and Gas (Directive 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament and the Council on industrial emissions – integrated pollution prevention and control) one of the best available technologies on the market. The liquid epoxy top layer is classified as solvent free, high solid and non-flammable which ensures a safe and smooth operation at the construction site with great chemical resistance. The system comes with a class-1 vacuum leak detector which provides 24/7 interstice monitoring.

Application steps are the following:

  1. Surface preparation: Sandblasting
  2. Grounding: Epoxy-based primer with roller
  3. Interstice: Knurled aluminium sheets, tapes
  4. Laminate: Epoxy-based lamination resin with fibre glass sheets
  5. Top layer: Epoxy-based resin with air-less spraying unit
  6. Anti-static layer: Epoxy-PU-based resin with roller.

The customization of our vacuum leak detector led to a fully compliant and complete solution which was connected succesfully to the pre-installed monitoring system.

The Outcome

The double floor tank rehabilitation was successfully finished in time and budget. Now all the tanks are protected with the best in class technology for leakage prevention and monitored 24/7.

The tank farms now fulfil all European Regulations and gained a competitive advantage because of the reinforced structure and the lifetime extension for over 20 years without any additional maintnance costs during that time.