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Spill absorbent products – Environmental friendly & convenient hydrocarbon recovery

Spill absorbents are very critical products in the fight against spills and environmental pollution. 

We, from Wolftank Adisa, interviewed our internal spill absorbent specialist and asked some questions about our newest market innovation in the spill preventionMr. Haluk Ilhan. 

Mr. Haluk Ilhan please tell us a few words about the Wolftank Adisa products for spill absorbents.

Spill absorbents, in general, are products which prevent environmental contamination by absorbing and recovering spilled liquids.  

What can we expect from Wolftank Adisa spill absorbents? 

Depending on which liquid needs to be contained, we offer several spill absorbents kits with the following characteristics:  

  • 100% eco-friendly 
  • Made out of natural fibres with nano reinforcement 
  • Hyrofobic Oil-only absorbing fiber technology which do not contain water 
  • Recovery machine to recover up to 99% of spilled liquids to sell them again 
  • Absorbent pillows and booms to be used at 3-4 times
  • Fast absorption with lower disposal cost
Portable Spill Absorbent Kit (40L) -Wolftank Adisa
Portable Spill Absorbent Kit (40L)

Which products can be absorbed? 

Fuels, Petrol, Diesel, Water, Mineral Oil, Hydrocarbon solvents, Coolants, Paints, Alcohols, Dilute Alkalis and Agricultural chemicals.  We have also customers using it in the pharmaceutical and food industry and for emergency spills, e.g. the absorption of blood. 

What are natural fibres with nano reinforcement?  

Nanofillers, such as our nano reinforcements are mainly used because of their cost-effectiveness, biodegradability, lower weight, good mechanical properties and sustainability. Currently, these so-called Nanofillers are the latest available improvement in material science and bring a huge improvement for this sector.  

This technology enables us not only to more effectively produce our spill absorbents but also highly increase the absorption process: 1 gram of normal filler absorbs up to 14 gram spill liquids, 1 gram of natural fiber with nano reinforcement spill material absorbs up to 50 gram. Which means it is around 3x more effective than a usually spill absorbent product. 

Stationary Spill Absorbent Kit 300L - Wolftank Adisa
Stationary Spill Absorbent Kit 300L

Why do you focus on the fuel recovery? 

By the introduction of the oil-only absorbent product line we observed that in Middle East and in Africa we have seen that many spills are absorbed just by covering them with sand. Many of these customers see a significant economic benefit to recover these fuels with our pillows and to resell them again. 

The same we observed for the Offshore applications where absorbent booms are distributed in the sea. The booms absorb only the oil, the oil is recovered and the booms are reused. 

Spill Absorbent Package Wolftank Adisa
Universal Granulated Spill Absorbent

Can you make a practical example? 

A pillow with a weight of 300 g can absorb up to 6 litre of fuel. With the current fuel prices we speak about a value 6-10 Euro to be recovered. When using a pillow several times, up to 25 Euro of product can be recovered with one single pillow. For high price solvents and distillates the value can be up to 10 times higher. 

Why do you promote the products also for environmental protection? 

Many customers use the pillows in plants where some valves have a very slide leakage. Such a slide leakage does not justify immediately to take out a expensive production line. Oil only absorbent pillows allow to absorb the hydrocarbons of such a leakage by letting pass the water of rain figuring as an oil-water separator. 

Spill Absorbent Wolftank Adisa Before
Spill Absorbent Wolftank Adisa Before

Are there any limitations on who can use this product? 

The use of our absorbents is not limited to any specific sectorWe have customers which use pillows to remove the oil from oil separators without taking the oil separators out of service. 

We have also customers which use them for cleaning operations or for oil changing of engines, from heavy ship engines to conventional cars. 

Spill Absobent Wolftank Adisa After
Spill Absobent Wolftank Adisa After

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to directly talk to our specialist by contacting us or download the complete spill absorbent product brochure

Tank Lining Wolftank Adisa Employees

Tank lining and refurbishment during the COVID-19 period

During the Covid-19 period, the Wolftank Adisa team is in continuous contact with its customers all over the world. The impact on the downstream business is huge as in some countries a decrease of fuel consumption beyond 80% is observed.

Most construction activities in gas stations are stopped, we have many reports of customers that even the already budgeted construction projects are rescheduled and taken out of the 2020 budget. This includes also most tank substitution projects which cannot be carried out due to bureaucratic issues, logistic issues and the high number of workers from different companies. Hence, companies cannot make such operations during the Covid-19 phase.

Most of these problems are not faced in tank lining!

Tank Lining Wolftank Adisa Employees
Tank Lining Wolftank Adisa Employees

Small teams of around 3 workers per site are enough to carry out a single wall EPOFLEX® or a double wall DOPA® tank lining within a few days. COVID-19 risks are completely mitigated as on the sites of our customers technicians are experienced to work with filer masks since many years. This is a huge opportunity to give to the tanks 20-30 years more life time in a phase where the fuel sales are dropped to a minimum. In a few days tanks can be made ready for the phase after covid19 and the next decades. Not only construction companies but also station owner highly appreciate the possibility to make tank lining in this period.

Read more about double wall tank lining in our DOPA® Lite case study in Germany or DOPA® 6n tank lining in China.

Liquid sensor based leak detection – Detect fuel leakage or spilling through wireless remote monitoring

What is the sensor based leak technology EN13160-3 and EN 13160-6?

The liquid sensor based leak detection technology is a leak detection system that is designed to detect the presence of hydrocarbons in secondary containments and in monitoring wells. Connecting the alarms remotely an immediate emergency response can be provided to avoid and, if not possible, to minimize the damage to the environment and the loss of product.

As soon as the sensors detect any hydrocarbons, they give an alarm through the RF Emitter in the control unit. The control unit forwards the signal to a centralized alarm system and/or to a nominated phone number or email address. Additionally 24/7 access to a customized web interface can be provided.

The Smart Sensor Leak Detection Kit

Physiochemical reaction sensor technology

Physiochemical reaction sensor technology

  • Component disintegrates in the presence of hydrocarbons (replaceable cartridge).
  • No false alarm
  • No maintenance
  • Different configuration for different applications
  • Low cost
  • Compliant to EN 13160-4:2016 and EN13160-6:2016
Wireless communication technology EX zone 1 certified

Wireless communication technology EX zone 1 certified

  • Easy installation with no civil work
  • Continuous monitoring 24/7
  • Real time alarm
  • Low cost
  • IP68
  • No maintenance necessary
  • Up to 3 repeaters to extend the signal
Remote or local control units

Remote or local control units

  • Obtain information of thousands of sites without leaving the office
  • Remote configuration
  • Local alarm sound and light
  • Modular (local + modem = remote)
  • Web access for continuous monitoring
  • Control up to 64 units

Why using a wireless option for the sensor based leak detection system?

Using a wireless leak detection system has many advantages, not only the environmental protection and immediate emergency response time in case of a leakage or spillage, but also because of the long distances which can be bypassed, making it an ideal choice for tank refineries, tank farms, solar plants or gas stations with centralized monitoring.

A liquid sensor based leak detection equipped gas station could be managed as following:

Monitoring wells: controlling possible leaks affecting ground water

Smart Sensor Technology Gas Station Manhole

Manhole: where leakages usually happen during the charging operation

Smart Sensor Technology Dispenser Bucket

Dispenser bucket: control possible spills

How to install the sensor in a monitoring well?

The sensor is designed to float on the groundwater level and as soon as it detects the presence of hydrocarbons, it sends an alarm signal to the control unit via the transmitter or any repeaters.

The RF Emitter is screwed in the monitoring well cap and connected to the sensor that is floating in the groundwater with its replaceable cartridge. Out of the well and close to it the RF Repeater is installed to help the signal reach longer distances.

Smart Sensor Technology Example Installation

What if the sensors are losing signal?

Wolftank Adisa is providing analysis and advice how many sensors, transmitters, repeater or RF emitters are necessary to bypass the required distance and reach the best signal quality. The smart sensor leak detection technology has no limits on sensors, transmitter, repeater which can be installed and therefore a 99.9% uptime with no signal loss over long distances or in difficult environment can be easily reached.

Where the smart leak detection can be used?

Leak detection in monitoring wells

Leak detection in monitoring wells
1 - Leak indicating device; 2- Alarm device visual and audible; 3 - Monitoring well. perforated class V; 4 - Sensor of leak detection system class III

Leak detection in secondary containments

Leak detection in secondary containments
1 - Leak indicating device; 2 - Alarm device visual and audible; 3 - Monitoring well, perforated class V; 4 - Sensor of leak detection system class III
What is detected?
  • Spill of primary containment leading to the presence of hydrocarbons in secondary containment (storage liquid)
  • Water presence in secondary containment, e.g. in the sump
  • Spill to the ground with hydrocarbons detected in monitoring wells
Examples what can be monitored

In tank farms and industrial sites:

  • Sumps
  • Interstice between 2 floors of double floor storage tanks
  • Containment basins
  • Basement of storage tanks according to EEMUA183
  • Soil below tanks
  • Groundwater

In gas stations:

  • Sumps
  • Interstice of double wall tanks and pipework
  • Soil and ground water below tanks, pipes and dispensers in monitoring wells

Download the product presentation or contact us our support if want to know more about the smart sensor based leak detection.

Remote Tank Lining Training

Remote tank lining training in tank farms

Always striving for market innovations and comprehensive solutions Wolftank Adisa has made yet another big step forward and provides remote tank lining training for our customers all over the world. Allowing to give our maximum support during the COVID-19 period and the currently valid international travel restrictions.

The customized training support program which is adapted according to the needs and special conditions of customer sites and requirements of each customer.

The remote tank lining training typically proceeds as following and consist of:

  • Evaluation of the conditions and site assessment
  • Definition of the requirements and goals
  • Development of a training schedule
  • Shipment of products (liners, sealers, coatings, robots etc…)
  • Application training
  • On-site video support

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different advantages for this new opportunity, but some key advantages are:

  • Accessible everywhere and anytime
  • Time-saving and cost reduction
  • No travel limitation
  • International approved application processes

Wolftank Adisa stands for the highest environmental protection and beside the above mentioned key facts, not only you’re protecting your investment but also all of the surrounding environment.

This widely depends on the specific requirements and project necessities. The training is following the duration of the pilot application and can be extended depending on the effective site conditions.

It is essential to have a proper video conference connection to the site during the site application. Many of Wolftank Adisa customer work in EX Zones, so besides the products and tools they deliver, they decided to provide also EX proofed mobile phones with a high-resolution camera in order to be able to use them on site.

In the program, there is an EX proofed smartphone with camera for EX zone 1 (model IS530.1 – SMARTPHONE – 4G LTE) and an EX proofed smartphone with camera for zone 2 (model i.safe MOBILE IS730.2).

For any further details don’t hesitate to contact our customer support.

Gas Station Brochure Cover

The right way to a sustainable gas station

Gas Station Brochure Cover
Wolftank Adisa Gas Station Brochure Cover

Now available, the new product catalogue for sustainable gas stations including several optimized degassing, cleaning and lining technologies for tanks, sumps and pipes.

CO2 consumption of every investment is more and more in the focus of investors’ attention. Especially construction works have a significant CO2 impact. Tank lining compared to tank substitution has a significantly lower energy requirement. With innovative approaches we are even able to provide almost CO2 neutral tank lining.

All the including sustainable gas station technologies require a minimum of equipment and are used by major oil & gas companies all over the world. You will find recent market innovations regarding sustainable tank refurbishment but also maintenance and double wall technologies. Maximizing the work efficiency of technicians and reducing down times for clients by using only the best and most reliable products available on the gas station market.

Major topics we are covering in this catalogue:

Single and double wall tank lining in 3 days
DOPA® systems help you achieve bringing sensible financial and risk savings while keeping your operations smooth and safe.

No loss of sales by ensuring business continuity
The durability of Wolftank Adisa systems grants to our customers important savings and the best possible total cost of ownership. A wide range of system solutions have to be developed and certified according to national and international standards.

Safe degassing & cleaning without manhole opening
Traditional cleaning via Man-Entry is among the procedures with highest HSE exposure. As an improvement to this procedure, Wolftank Adisa developed degassing & cleaning technologies even able to avoid opening the manhole.

No sand blasting or special equipment required 
Wolftank Adisa’s surface preparation is among the safest, fastest
and cost-effective solutions to treat a corroded surface. No special equipment is necessary and even waste or residuals are completely avoided.

Download the catalogue or browse our Download Page.

Dopa Lite Product Page
Dopa Lite Product Page