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Case Studies

Successful Sump Sealing in the Chinese City of Wenzhou

Tank sumps are actually critical elements in storage facilities, due to the potential contaminating liquids they link with. It is essential to consider the liquid …

Case Studies

Floor Lining Bio-Ethanol Storage Tank in Austria

Project Scope Bio-Ethanol and Bio-Methanol tanks move into focus in tank farms with the introduction of E5 and E10 blended fuels. Bulk storage tanks for …

Wireless Sensor
Case Studies

Groundwater monitoring in storage tank farm

The Scope of the Project A storage tank farm company located in Spain was very commited to environmental protection and, as part of their environmental …

Case Study Petrol Station Groundwater Monitoring
Case Studies

Petrol Station Groundwater Monitoring in Spain

Petrol station had a leak contaminating groundwater. After repairing the leak and remediating the site, an on-line monitoring system was put in place to make …

TCR 6-7 applied through 4 inch flange
Case Studies

TCR® 6/7 – Tank cleaning without opening the manhole

ExxonMobil Italy, highly focused on safety and protection of the people working within dangerous areas, were looking for a underground storage tank cleaning technology to …

TCR 15 inserting into tank
Case Studies

Fuel Tank Cleaning with TCR® 15

The client: Repsol Italy The scope of the project was to remove all residuals and sludge from the underground fuel storage tanks while keeping the …

Ringwall restored by Wolftank Adisa
Case Studies

Ring wall rehabilitation in Italy

The Scope of the Project Ring walls are crucial areas of an aboveground storage tank, exposed to weather such as high UV radiation. This area …

The Applied Water Tank Lining
Case Studies

Drinking water tank lining in Spain

There are a lot of steel storage tanks for drinking water all over the world which must be protected in order to save the asset, …

Bulk Storage Tanks in Milan
Case Studies

Double floor tank rehabilitation in Italy

Wolftank Systems, an Italian Tank Application Specialist got assigned a double floor tank rehabilitation project in Italy for two tank farms with over 50 bulk …

The tank before the project
Case Studies

Tank roof lining in Austria

Bulk storage tanks in tank farms or refineries are endangered by outside corrosion. These steel tanks face not only with inside corrosion which is caused …