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Since more than 30 years, we operate successfully in the petroleum and chemical sector with our qualified staff and competent partners in the group. Our mission is the highest protection of the air, water and soil due to the advanced and  innovative technical solutions. Our experience is appreciated by more than 11.000 customers including all the major oil companies.

We go to great lengths to ensure all our measures are in line with current technical standards, occupational medicine and any other insights of science and ergonomics. Safety in the workplace is one of our core values, and a safe working approach is and must be a top priority for every single one of our members of staff.
Because high standards are the very foundation of our products and processes, all Wolftank Adisa GmbH work is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and subject to continuous optimisation efforts.

Innovation Combined With Knowledge And Experience


Storage Space Coated with EPOFLEX® and ADAPOX® Products (m²)


Refurbished to Double Wall/Floor with the DOPA® System (m²)


Vacuum and Pressure Leak Detection Systems (Class 1 acc. EN 13160) Installed


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Strong Corporate Values

As a global player selling and marketing state-of-the-art technical corrosion, water and environmental protection systems for the petrochemical and chemical industries, we firmly believe that quality alongside energy efficiency and a sound environmental and safety policy are the key to ensuring our company continues to develop and benefit from sustained success.

Our main goal upon delivering our goods in accordance with the legal prescriptions in force is the trust and satisfaction of our clients, whom we consider our partners. To this end, we continuously strive to invest in new and innovative solutions of the very highest quality. It is our declared goal to live up to our clients’ expectations, provide competitive prices and at the same time minimise any environmental impact – because we owe it to society. And to deliver on this promise, we constantly enhance and improve our products and processes on every level, ultimately aiming for a zero-defects strategy. It is with the highest-possible amount of efficiency and cost-effectiveness that we aspire to meet the requirements of the market.

Wolftank Adisa Global Certified

Safety, Quality And Innovation

Over 30 years Wolftank Adisa trainers have instructed more than 100 companies for the application of resins. In line with the approaches of quality management we train technicians for application as well as quality inspectors.

Trainings are based on well defined installation manuals and include:

  • Theorectical part
  • Practical part
  • Supervision phase

After a training of 1 – 2 weeks, a new team is ready for the application of resins. We offer complementary support also during an initial supervision period. The worldwide network of quality inspectors is continuously growing and regularly informed about best practice and news.

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